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Daniel hosts a livestream
with Toby St Clere Smithe on
Structured Active Inference
Jere proposes
TimberFish Sustainability
for universities
Andrius models 3 minds
with super
division algebras
Aslam, congratulations!
on your PhD in
global affairs!

Welcome to Math 4 Wisdom. Read the transcript and watch the video.

Andrius Kulikauskas hosts Math 4 WisdomLearning Paths in Math 4 Wisdom

Math 4 Wisdom is an investigatory community for absolute truth led by Andrius Kulikauskas. That's me!

In particular, our community supports my efforts to develop Wondrous Wisdom, a language of wisdom based on the cognitive frameworks that I have been documenting since 1982. This includes showing where they arise in advanced mathematics, including algebraic topology (Bott periodicity, chain complexes), category theory (Yoneda lemma, adjunctions), complex geometry (Möbius transformations), combinatorics (binomial theorem), automata theory (Chomsky hierarchy) and quantum physics (orthogonal Sheffer polynomials).

We present our ongoing research at the Math 4 Wisdom YouTube channel.

Please join us! Our social hub is the Math 4 Wisdom Email Group. You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself. Here is our archive. Thank you, Islam Hakim, Jere Northrop, Jon Brett, Ryan Buchanan and all for your thoughtful letters. My letters include:

Andrius Kulikauskas and our study group leaders

Our activity focuses on our study groups.

  • Jere Northrop : Language of Wisdom Jere is a cofounder of Timberfish Technologies. He has a PhD in biophysics, is an innovator in environmental technologies, and has thought through a constructed language, Ododu, inspired by the Relational Symmetry Paradigm.
    • Jere and Andrius are discovering fundamental connections between their languages of wisdom, Relational Symmetry Paradigm and Wondrous Wisdom, respectively.
    • Andrius is documenting Jere's knowledge of the ways of figuring things out in ecotechnology.
    • Jere is developing ecotechnology with Ecological Intelligence for a new version of Timberfish Technologies.
    • Andrius is trying to describe three conceptual languages by which we experience life: argumentation by which issues come to matter, verbalization by which concepts acquire meaning, and narration by which events happen.
  • John Harland : Physics John has a PhD in functional analysis. He teaches math at Palomar College.
    • John seeks to contribute to a more solid or plausible ontological foundation for physics.
    • John is exploring, Does an apparent time factor of {$\frac{1}{2}$} arise in comparing classical and quantum unitary representations of relativistic dynamical systems?
    • John is currently studying the Dirac equation, spin {$\frac{1}{2}$} and {$SU(2)$}.
    • Andrius is exploring double causality as a framework for physics. He is investigating the combinatorics of orthogonal Sheffer polynomials to develop a combinatorial interpretation of the Schroedinger equation which may work for quantum field theory as well.
    • Andrius is exploring advanced mathematics for expressions of fundamental cognitive frameworks - the divisions of everything. In particular, he is studying Bott periodicity, Clifford algebras, chain complexes, category theory, orthogonal Sheffer polynomials and the foundations of geometry. This overlaps with John's interests, including in Lie theory and spinors.
  • Aslam Kakar : Sociology Aslam has a PhD in global affairs. He is establishing the Pashtun Studies Institute. This summer of 2024, he is an ARIT fellow Boğaziçi University in Istanbul to improve his Turkish.
    • Aslam seeks transcendence of mental and cultural boundaries. Aslam aspires to understand violence and peace. Aslam wants to develop critical thinking as an alternative to extremist ideologies.
    • Aslam is developing his own epistemology as a sociologist. He investigates, How do we know that we know?
    • Aslam and Andrius are trying to describe a grammar of sociology.
    • Aslam and Andrius are experimenting with deliberate social interactions.
    • Aslam and Andrius are investigating in what sense a nation or other collective may be understood to have consciousness?
    • Aslam and Andrius are considering what are healthy conditions for having a nation state ?
  • Daniel Ari Friedman : Knowledge Engineering / Knowledge Math Daniel is President of the Active Inference Institute. He received his PhD in Biology studying red harvester ants. In 2023, he completed a post-doc at UC Davis. Daniel is exploring:
    • How can I live well?
      • How can I co-learn, research/collaborate, and serve all thinkers? With a special focus on all backgrounds (accessibility)? With a special focus on mature thinkers, advanced projects, shared realities? How can we understand how working and communicating relates to transcendental multiscale identities?
    • How can we have a real We?
      • How can I intra-individually, collaboratively, and in communities, support ... ? How can the quality, quantity, scope, meaning, impact of participation in communities of care/collaboration be expanded?
    • How can I propagate and perpetuate a creative, rigorous, modern research program/agenda with a focus on:
      • Active Inference. What kind of InferAnt am I and are We? How can I facilitate others to learn, research, and apply Active Inference?
      • Ants. How can the Ant Colony system be a model (like Drosophila, Linux kernel) for integrating e.g.
        • Global science, ecology, multi-omics (genomics, transcriptomics), cognitive modeling, Observers.
        • Category theory & strong relationing with other and general multi-agent ecosystems of shared intelligence, as in Toby St Clere Smithe's paper.
      • Synergetics. Physics / Engineering: How can Synergetics / Tensegrity be improved in clarity, rigor, and applicability today? How can we understand the analytical (e.g. vectorical, geometric, topological) and other (e.g. psychological, cognitive, metaphysical) aspects of Synergetics?
    • What are fundamental and theoretical underpinnings/mappings of Cognitive Security?
    • What are the cognitive aspects of rhetoric, generating/interpreting languages, multimodality, etc.
    • How do we bring together the material and the invisible?
    • Andrius is investigating, with Daniel's help:
      • How can we facilitate the collection and systematization of cognitive frameworks so that people look for an underlying reality, as with Wondrous Wisdom?
      • What are the ways of figuring things out in statistics?
      • Does the Raudys hierarchy of statistical classifiers which model a single layer perceptron express Bott periodicity and the divisions of everything?

I, Andrius Kulikauskas, offer a context of Wondrous Wisdom through my own ongoing investigations into absolute truth.

  • Language of Wisdom is a bottom-up documentation of the cognitive frameworks of the perspectives by which we experience life, especially abstractly, as divorced from direct experience, and from accumulated assumptions, considering the limits of consciousness itself, and thereby, the possibilities of the conscious and the unconscious.
  • Logos: God as Theory is a top-down interpretation of these frameworks in terms of God's investigations (whether, what, how, why there is God? respectively, as God, I, You, Other) and human's investigations (how to live as God? namely, through eternal life, wisdom, good will, God's will).
  • Math 4 Wisdom is my work to identify those frameworks where they appear in the language of advanced mathematics. I present these findings in terms of '''three minds - the unconscious (which knows the answers), the conscious (which asks the questions) and consciousness (which relates them with investigations) - that can be observed in psychology, neuroscience, consciousness studies and related disiciplines.
  • Landscape of Truth is my view on our Math 4 Wisdom community as a social experiment. We are applying knowledge usefully, as in peacemaking. We are learning to investigate alongside each other, leveraging the diversity in our relationships with truth, living in consciousness.
  • Personal Growth is my concern to grow forever, learn forever, live forever as a person and as a leader.
  • God's Investigations is my endeavor to recognize, engage and support God as an investigator.

I work at this wiki (in English) and also at (in Lithuanian).

Wondrous Andrius

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