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UpcomingVideos, Outreach, Introduction

Andrius Kulikauskas: I'm writing out my priorities in Lithuanian, English and Chinese. I have to update this!

优先事项Yōuxiān shìxiàng



Math notebook, Study math

Wondrous Wisdom

Present my thoughts in a series of videos. The next videos present:

  • The Meaning of Life.
  • Needs and operating principles.
  • Doubts and counterquestions.
  • Emotional responses.
  • Eightfold way.

Think through the science of love by

  • systematizing a 24-fold structure for definitions of truth;
  • relating that to a 24-fold structure for definitions of oneness;
  • relating that to a map of people's relationships with truth;
  • leveraging that to create a map of people's deepest values and thus aspects of love.

What can awareness of the landscape of truth contribute to a network of investigatory communities?

Divisions of everything

Overview my understanding of Bott periodicity and chain complexes and how to investigate that

  • Consider how that relates to choice, the binomial theorem, Grassmannians and spin structures.
  • Consider how that relates to God and the field with one element.

Develop my classification of adjunctions

  • Understand the tensor product.
  • Understand how adjunctions differ with regard to monads, fullness and faithfulness
  • Understand Kleisli and Eilenberg-Moore monads.

Overview what I need to learn about the Yoneda Lemma

  • Study examples, applications, related concepts.

Understand the Zig Zag Lemma as a three-cycle

  • Collect and understand examples
  • Relate to derived functors

Understand the fivefold classification of the orthogonal Sheffer polynomials

  • Make sense of the physics of the quantum harmonic oscillator.


Systematize the ways of figuring things out in sociology

  • Reach out to Russians regarding that

Develop a grammar of sociology

Additional research

Understand essential surjectivity.

Learn how to use equipment

  • Išmokti naudoti paišymo priemonę.
  • Išmokti kurti animacijas.
  • Įdiegti paišymo programą kaip antai Stylus Labs Write.
  • Išmokti naudoti garso plokštę, mikrofoną, klaviatūrą.
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