Jere Northrop and Andrius Kulikauskas lead this Math 4 Wisdom study group

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Math 4 Wisdom study group

Language of Wisdom

Jere and Andrius are relating their languages of wisdom.

Jere's Introduction: Andrius and I have spent decades building language to benefit all of humanity. This has included theoretical work in mathematics and science and the application of this work in real world businesses. We are now cooperating to further these efforts. Specifics can be seen in the language summaries below, in the Math4Wisdom wiki, the Ecotechnology subwiki and the Wondrous Wisdom vocabulary.

Jere Northrop's language of wisdom

As understood by Andrius:

  • The Relational Symmetry Paradigm. A framework of eight metaphysical concepts that are understood to be foundational.
  • Ododu. A pictorial, approximate language that Jere has constructed to convey additional fundamental concepts.
  • Ecological Intelligence. A modular design form that Jere is developing which links
    • An atomic biochemical level using the language of free energy and maximum entropy,
    • A microbial cellular level using a genetic algorithm language,
    • An animal level using a neural network language, and,
    • A human level using our natural, constructed, and computer languages.
  • Practical goal: Develop technology that helps people get involved in local ecosystem cycles.

Key Readings

Andrius Kulikauskas's language of wisdom, Wondrous Wisdom

  • A bottom-up documentation of cognitive frameworks of the perspectives by which we experience life, especially abstractly, as divorced from direct experience and from accumulated assumptions, considering the limits of consciousness itself, and thereby, the possibilities of the conscious and the unconscious.
  • A top-down interpretation of these frameworks in terms of God's investigations (whether, what, how, why there is God? respectively, as God, I, You, Other) and human's investigations (how to live as God? namely, through eternal life, wisdom, good will, God's will)
  • An exposition of this inner life from an external, scientific perspective, in terms of advanced mathematics, and especially, Bott periodicity, yielding testable models of the psychology and neurology of individuals, as well as the physics of the universe.
  • Application of these results as a language of wisdom to foster an investigatory community, culture, civilization of independent thinkers, living in consciousness, deliberately, willfully, devotedly, colloboratively, with God and with each other.

Key Readings

Andrius's investigation of 3 Languages

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