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Collaboration Priorities

Andrius Kulikauskas: Here are my priorities for collaborating with others.

Jere Northrop

  • Consider the ways of figuring things out in ecotechnology, biology, chemistry, sociology, medicine, mathematics, and so on, as the basis for a common language linking our interests - Jere's, Aslam's, John's, mine and others.
  • Consider how to think of DNA and RNA. Is it a zeroth language? Or is it a language of a being that we need to interpret as argumentation, verbalization, narration? Whose language is it? What is experienced by it? How does that language help organic molecules figure things out? Write about this.
  • I need to read and study Jere's Bion: UDU

John Harland

  • I need to make a study plan for learning and explaining {$SU(2)$}.

Aslam Kakar

  • Think through a plan for our investigations. What is relevant for me among his interests and why?

Todd Trimble, Francis Howard

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