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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
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Wondrous Wisdom


Absolute Truth

The purpose of Math 4 Wisdom is to show that we can work together as a community in wisdom, speaking a language of wisdom, fostering a culture of wisdom. This involves us seeking and finding a deep understanding, at first in nothing, but then in something, and hopefully, in anything, and ultimately, in everything.

Such a deep agreement implies an ultimate context of absolute truth that is conditional and unconditional, subjective and objective, deniable and undeniable. I find such a context by studying the limits of my imagination. What is the prison of my mind? What are the cognitive frameworks that I do not escape?

A basic example is the concept of everything. It has four properties:

  • Everything has no external context. It includes its context, it includes the world, it includes us.
  • Everything has no internal structure. It is chaotic, it is orderly. All things are true of everything.
  • Everything is the simplest algorithm. It has no filter. Whatever we think of, we put into everything.
  • Everything is a required concept. We all have it. We can't get rid of it. We couldn't have learned it, for all that we learn is bounded but everything is unbounded.

Further examples are divisions of everything into

  • two perspectives (opposites coexist; all is the same) for structuring existence;
  • three perspectives (taking a stand; following through; reflecting) for structuring participation;
  • four perspectives (whether; what; how; why) for structuring knowledge.

I have documented a language of such cognitive frameworks. I call this language Wondrous Wisdom. I appeal to advanced mathematics to substantiate this language. Math 4 Wisdom brings together a community to grow fluent in this language, to clarify, develop, investigate and apply this language, to manifest the wisdom, if any, of this language.

I study the limits of our imagination, what we can imagine or not. Let's embrace the cognitive frameworks we can't escape and leverage them for a conceptual language of wisdom that we can express, validate and apply with the help of mathematics and all manner of sciences, creative arts and moral disciplines.

24 ways of figuring things out.

8 states of mind.

6 transformations of mood.
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