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See: Math videos, Learn math, Study physics

  • Make a diagram of concrete mathematical structures that I want to learn about, and related branches of mathematics.
  • Survey combinatorics, especially Stanley's book and Wikipedia, for the various kinds of combinatorial constructions.


Math Notebook: Investigations

Priorities: What to learn

  • What are the fundamental math principles?
    • Study the theorems of plane geometry, universal hyperbolic geometry, etc.
    • Organize the most important math theorems and analyze their content in terms of more basic ideas.
  • What are the elementary math concepts?
    • Study how important math concepts relate more basic concepts.
    • Relate basic concepts and more advanced concepts to duality.
  • What is a perspective?
    • Short and long exact sequences.
    • Fiber bundles, vector bundles.
    • Homology and cohomology.
    • Tensors.
    • Sheaves.
  • What is a geometry?
    • SL(2,C) and Mobius transformations.
    • Differences between affine, projective, conformal, symplectic geometry.
    • Classical Lie groups.
  • What is going beyond oneself?
    • Study finite fields and interpret {$F^{1^n}$}.
    • Study points at infinity and how they relate to coordinate systems.
  • What is the foursome?
    • Yoneda lemma.
    • Yates index set theorem.

Overview: Math to learn and use

Overviews of Math and Its History

General resources for studying math

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