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Math, Math concepts, Theorems, Math constants, Abstraction, Math discovery, The purpose of math


Currently working here: Math Companion

Create a map that show how the branches of math unfold to yield its key concepts and results.

  • Collect and organize mathematical results.
  • Study the history of how math grows.
  • Document the ways and results of abstraction.
  • Express the link between algebra and analysis in terms of exact sequences and Kan extensions.
  • Explain why category theory not relevant for analysis.

Elements of the map of mathematics

The map of mathematics should include:

A House of Knowledge for each branch of mathematics

There is a house of knowledge for mathematics overall. Moreover, every science, and in particular, every branch of mathematics should have its own house of knowledge. Thus the map of mathematics should explain how all of these houses of knowledge are related, how they arise and unfold.

Earlier investigations

I made the map above based on the Mathematics Subject Classification. Arrows show my understanding of how areas depend on each other.



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