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Išvystyti svetainę Math 4 wisdom kaip priemonę pragyventi.



Video types

  • Research program
  • Expositions of findings
  • Progress reports
  • Origin stories
  • Exercises
  • Fill-the-gaps (in my research)
  • Technical insights
  • Speculative ideas (like the global quantum)
  • Tai Danae Bradley
  • Daniel Chan
  • Norman Wildberger
  • Richard Borcherds
  • Coaching investigators on their investigations
  • Expert teaches Andrius
  • Collaborations
  • Math 4 Wisdom Show
  • Math 4 Beginners
  • Wisdom 4 Beginners


  • House of knowledge for mathematics
  • Eight-cycle (divisions of everything) and Bott periodicity
  • Foursome (levels of knowledge) and Yoneda lemma
  • Four classical Lie families
  • Adjunctions

Format of my shows (20 min. show, 1 hr. straight talk, 1 hr. discussion)

Math 4 Wisdom show

  • "Ask me anything" laidos
  • Write status reports on how work is progressing.


For now, I share these talks that I gave on some links between wisdom and math. In English:

In Lithuanian:

Mokslo sriuba achieves through Patreon roughly the minimum income that I seek. (365 euros per month from 109 patrons). So it is a good example to keep in mind. Its Youtube channel has 40,000 subscribers. They make about one video every two days. They have a core of about ten people with a wider team of about fifty people. They have been active for 9 years. One difference is that their videos are in Lithuanian (mine will be in English). Another difference is that they are for a general public (mine will be for math experts).

  • Math4Wisdom draws ideas from advanced math but uses the simplest math which illustrate or applies these ideas.

Math4Wisdom Perks

  • Digital artefact - poster, game
  • Material artefact - prototype, art


  • Number (Scrabble). Define a noteworthy number from the digits (0-9), the decimal point and a few other symbols (square root, division, multiplication, addition, colon (for time), percent, exponent)

Math connections in Africa

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