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Math 4 Wisdom Kepurės, barzdos, ūsai

Yoneda Lemma

Yoneda Lemma is a spider - make a large paper mache spider - make webs outside and inside

8 legs = 2 representations of the foursome

itsy bitsy spider...

Japanese themes - anima, manga, etc.

Einstein - Jesus - Ono

Wisdom competition

Hey, sounds like a wisdom competition!

 It's a competition or collaboration
 With some repetition it's a combination
 Our love of contemplation wins a lot of confirmation
 When you like me resolve to be the wisdom generation.


  • Andrius Kulikauskas, Math4Wisdom
  • Sean Carroll, MindScape
  • The Philosophers of the Partially Examined Life - Socrates Wannabes.
  • Ginger Campbell, Brain Science
  • Tai-Danae Bradley, Math3ma
  • Terry Gross, Fresh Air

Math4Wisdom Show

  • House of knowledge: "The Master Plan" (sung as: A Love Supreme)


Russell's paradox - If I think of the set of all sets, will I go poof? And will is stop there? Will it wipe out my village or all of Lithuania?

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