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Math Community

It takes a village to raise a power.

It is really hard for the human mind to learn math without thinking and speaking the language of math within a community of math speakers and math thinkers. (As an aside, see Lev Vygotsky). Math videos are great for listening to people talk about math, thus feeding the unconscious, like when an infant listens in on grown ups. But a math community takes this further by giving us a chance to talk about math. This binds the unconscious and the conscious, which is what consciousness is all about.

Ultimately, I imagine that {$M\Rightarrow W$} will be the hub for a community. But surely that community can be far flung or simply within a broader society. So here I will write about my ongoing efforts to participate in such a society.

New York Category Theory Meetup

Since May 2020, I have been studying about the Yoneda Lemma, adjunctions, statistics etc. at the New York Category Theory Meetup, which meets every other week. It's a study group that is open, free-of-charge and rather studious, all thanks to Oliver's leadership.

After the first hour or two, I stick around for what I dare call the NYCT After Meetup, which Wenbo Gao makes happen, and indeed it is a "happening". In a sense, it is a mental babbling of personal concepts that is becoming an increasingly coherent dialogue about our interests in modeling human life, including consciousness, intelligence and language, by applying notions from category theory but also other modern disciplines. For me, it's enormously rewarding, encouraging my hopes that a community, a science, a language of wisdom is truly possible.

My friends in Lithuania

Other math communities

Related efforts

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