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The After Meetup

Every other Sunday I participate in the New York Category Theory Meetup study group on category theory. Afterwards, I stay for an informal dialogue with Wenbo Gao and others, which I dare call the "after meetup".

Some notes on our topics of interest

Category theory study group

  • nyc-category-theory.slack.com
  • Syd: What do we lose and gain from intutitionistic mathematics?

Categorial grammar

Francisco Varela

  • Francisco Varela. Principles of Biological Autonomy. The Framework of Complementarity. Complementarity and adjunctions. Purpose.
  • Adjunction: Every tree is a pointed graph inclusively. Then we can unfold a graph. A graph is a state machine. Draw which state is passing through.
  • Category of graphs. Goguen and Varela.
  • Radical constructivism. Mathematical construction. Autopoeisis. "The Tree of Knowledge".
  • Louis Kauffman.

Memory Evolution Systems

  • Ehresmann on Memory Evolution Systems. Neural systems. Cocones are superfundamental. Invariants. Limits.
  • Categorical theory approach to neural networks. Weighted networks - sensory binding. Models of neural population dynamics. Time series oriented?
  • MENS from Neurons to Higher Mental Processes to Consciousness. Ehresmann.
  • Memory evolutive systems

Steven Philip

  • Steven Philip. A category theory principle for cognitive science. Cognition - universal construction. Adjunction.

Yoneda Lemma

  • Yoneda lemma - for understanding semantics. Distributional semantics. Words mean what they are associated with. Preceding words map to subsequent words.
  • Identity function is related to object continuity discussed by Jean Piaget.
  • Reflexive domain. {$\mathbb{C}\rightarrow\mathbb{C}$}
  • Spivak. Adjoint functors. Summer school.
  • Lenses. View update problem. Lens is a pointer to a specific thing.
  • Synchronization. Build specification.
  • Functional programming. Set the state, get the state. Want these functors to be well behaved. Structured data: XML document.
  • Cylindric logic algebra. Monadic Boolean algebra.
  • Open games. Game theory. Compositional equilibrium - adjunction? Communication.


  • Epistemology of cybernetics.


  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boolean_satisfiability_problem participant
  • Nicholas's interest: the mathematics of correlation, Pearson correlation matrix, discerning complicated structures
  • Wenbo is interested in dialectical behavior. He is interested to learn topos theory to be able to apply Lawvere's interpretation of logic to express dialectical logic.
  • How can structure arise that maintains itself?
  • Foucault "The Order of Things".
  • Oulipo. Kūryba pagal savo taisykles.
  • Schelling požiūris panašus į mano, anot Wenbo.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card game.
  • Embodied agency (video game). Valios įgyvendinimas.



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