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Envoys of St.Vladimir, Rusija

Fighting Peacefully for Multipolar Dialogue in a Multipolar World

A Grassroots Call for an Alternative to Liberal Hegemony

A Request for Guidance and Clarification

This is a request for guidance on how grassroots activists in the Russian Federation might best participate in online dialogue to foster a truly multipolar world.

The goal is to cultivate dialogue throughout the global periphery as an alternative to the hegemony of liberal metropolitan centers.

The situation is that our country's limited action has revealed to many citizens of the world the contradictions inherent in the proponents of a unipolar world. Even within the West, there are vast numbers of people who question the propaganda they receive, resist the actions taken by their governments, and wish to discuss a multipolar alternative to purportedly liberal hegemony.

Our citizens have demonstrated our solidarity as disciplined patriots so that our country's limited action could effectively achieve its specific objectives. The unfolding of world events has consequently provided us with countless ways that our individual initiative could voice our shared desire for a truly multipolar world.

At this time, clarification is essential so that loyal patriots who take the risks inherent in personal initiative would not be mistaken for traitors. Such clarification could take various forms, which might be informal or formal. Today, it might simply be enough for acknowledged patriots within the government to offer personal guidance and assurance. In time, there could be a network of such patriots who stay in touch with the relevant state institutions. Ultimately, there could be an Office for Global Dialogue which would, in an optimal way, formalize clarification without stifling initiative. Indeed, such an Office for Global Dialogue could be legislated alongside other clarifications on the spread of fake information and the implementation of sanctions, so that they are taken together in the proper context.

This document is thus a request for guidance on how patriotic Russian citizens might receive such clarification. What follows is one vision for how such clarification might be provided.

Office for Global Dialogue

The purposes of the Office for Global Dialogue would include:

Allowing patriotic Russian citizens to sign up for a registrar of participants in global dialogue so that they could

  • Be open about their constructive intentions.
  • Assure others that they genuinely are verified people, that they are giving their real name and location, and they are not anonymous, they are not fictitious bots or foreign agents.
  • Update their status as to where they participate in online dialogue, with what purpose, and whether they are active or inactive.
  • Share this information through a public profile page which they maintain at any approved social network.
  • Demonstrate their own initiative in creative, positive, constructive dialogue at their profile page and at online events.
  • Receive state advisories as policy changes or is clarified.
  • Receive a warning upon any first indiscretion.

Expressly permitting registered patriotic Russian citizens to participate in international online events:

  • Dialogues hosted by organizers in the countries that abstained from voting in the UN Resolution of March 2, 2022, such as India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Cuba, Iran, Bolivia and Congo.
  • Dialogues hosted by the Vatican.
  • Dialogues organized by organizers in the periphery of Russia and the periphery of other countries when there are fewer than 100 total participants. Allow, in particular:
    • Two-way video bridges organized between small communities (fewer than 10,000 residents) which are at least 25 km away from metropolitan areas (having 1,000,000 residents of more).
    • Online events for nonpolitical (scientific, cultural, economic, ethnic, social, religious...) dialogue hosted by organizers based in towns (fewer than 100,000 residents) which are at least 50 km away from metropolitan areas.
    • Online events for specific approved political topics (for example, considering global alternatives to militarization, Nazification, perversion, humiliation, cancel culture...) hosted by organizers based in small cities (fewer than 1,000,000 residents) which are at least 100 km away from metropolitan areas.

Engaging countries around the world to jointly host official, massive global dialogues which invigorate the global periphery.

Interests, possibilities, benefits on both sides (Russia and Europe).

Limits and risks on both sides (Russia and Europe).

Your text is very bright and creative. I really like it. and nice that is address the brotherhood of three but I am afraid too far-reaching for the moment. I think we need to be more diplomatic and careful (neutral) And it should be not only about Russia, not one-sided.

I think, we need to identify We start it should be position which shows Russian position and protecting interests of Russian and Russian people. I will try to express what will be the benefits for our country (I will do it a little bit later.

We need to show that in the West there is a certain number of people which think that

  • Russia should stay an important partner
  • We need to shape the outlines and contours of the new multipolar world order
  • ?? what else

(or how we name it, - please put it in your words). Who are this people and how many are of them?

And we need to build bridges with that people. And then we need to determine the areas of that cooperation some grey zones where both sides can not fight but build a dialog (while we need to call it not grey but in some other words) What are they?

  • theis New possible multisided world (we need to add tags and topics here)
  • sanctions should not be against ordinary people on both sides- ecology
  • how to help ordinary people in Europe and in Russia to stand the crisis
  • solidarity with ordinary Ukrainian people
  • new economy
  • people to people economy
  • local communities

Let's also nominate the basic aims of that cooperation. What should be achived.

The whole world has finally turned its attention to Ukraine. It does not understand the fighting there. The citizens of the world are all affected. Many are wondering how to listen, understand, and help as peacemakers to build trust as a basis for a multipolar world.

The world has a particular need to understand the people of Russia, to hear from thousands of individual Russians who could speak as our patriots, on behalf of our country, to their friends and acquaintances around the world, especially online. Indeed, millions of Russian patriots wish to show, heartfully and thoughtfully, in the most convincing and personal ways, their solidarity with our government, their love of our country, their understanding of a multipolar world.

The first condition, however, is that they must be sure that our leaders will not misunderstand them, will not consider them as traitors for creatively engaging those with opposing views, but will assure them that such dialogue is the basis for a multipolar world. One way to bring clarity is to appoint well known patriots, including scientists, scholars, cultural figures, athletes, journalists, innovators and entrepreneurs, to serve as hubs for coordinating, acknowledging and encouraging grassroots peacemakers. A second way is to indicate some general topics, themes and principles regarding which honest, bold, free discussion would be helpful, especially in furthering a multipolar world, where there naturally is a variety of views. A third way is to give approval of symbols that express solidarity with a multipolar world. A fourth way is to provide an overall coordinator who would provide strategic guidance. A fifth way is to publish a manifesto with which Russian activists could reach out to the widest part of the world, the unconvinced majority.

Would it be helpful to focus on the value of a multipolar world?

This is a value that our President Vladimir Putin articulates and which resonates around the world. But perhaps there is some other value which is more central.

Would it be acceptable for these grassroots peacemakers to identify themselves with "the envoys of St.Vladimir"?

St.Vladimir sent his envoys to discover what the world had to offer. When they returned, he chose the best from what they had learned, and he shaped the culture of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He started his life in war, as a pagan warrior, but he ended his life in peace, as a Christian saint. He intercedes in response to prayers by Eastern Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, Byzantine Rite Lutherans, and others of good will. As a saint, active today, he lives, knows, imagines and creates a multipolar world.

What are phrases by which our Russian patriots could show solidarity with their country, but also reach out to others, both friends and enemies, and encourage solidarity with a multipolar world?

For example: "Convert a world of enemies into a world of friends." "Tomorrow's saints were yesterday's villains." "Tomorrow's friends were yesterday's enemies." "Imagine and create a multipolar world."

What are symbols that our Russian patriots could use online to engage friends, convert enemies, and promote a multipolar world?

For example: 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦 or 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦❤️🇧🇾 or similarly, as relevant, the flag of Russia followed by the flag of Ukraine and possibly other flags, with or without hearts.

Fighting Peacefully for a Multipolar World

Russian limited, strategic military action

Contradictions in the West, fundamental injustice, are growing clear and will increase, day by day

Hysteria and frenzy, escalation of pressure

Meanwhile, there are large segments of the world

In this uneven battle, where a powerful minority - the golden billion - would impose its will, yet a diversity of populous countries - China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bolivia, Tanzania - abstain from siding with the dominant side.

Leadership in a multipolar world

Currently, only a tiny portion of our population is directly involved in this struggle

Has the time come for larger and larger involvement of Russia's people, our greatest resource?

Leverage a sense of shared understanding of history

Work towards a global sense of history

Reveal, analyze, understand, communicate the contradictions in selective justice

Show Russian self-respect

Not give in to a bunker mentality

Standards of Jesus and of Tolstoy, who inspired the peace movements

Identify the enemy - who wants this conflict - who is escalating it?

Many small experiments in social interaction

Report findings, successes and failures

Be responsive to strategic instructions, be ready to cease activities

Build a team spirit amongst Russians but, especially, with their friends around the world

Always show good will

Symbolic actions can make clear the contradictions and reveal the underlying situation

Spiritual warfare

Focus the world on discussion of demilitarization, denazification, ...

Focus the world on greater issues for working together: global villages, climate change, space exploration, science, sportsmanship, arts and culture

Art changes the rules

Investigate where Russian participation is welcomed and Russian leadership is respected.

  • Consider countries that can host multipolar dialogue, such as Serbia
  • Consider online communities likewise, such as chess
  • Focus on the periphery, such as villages and neighborhoods, which are neglected by hegemony
  • Focus on spiritual, cultural, political values that are diminished by liberal hegemony
  • Focus on topics that accord with this

Shared history and shared values allow for decentralized, distributed, multipolar activity

Multipolar activity allows for the same conclusions to be arrived at from completely different perspectives, and in fact, any perspective if followed through to its logical conclusion

Save the world from mechanical escalation into catastrophe.

Multipolar world is the basis for free will - always show good will - always give slack - but not too much, just ever a little. The principles of morality, of Jesus, of Tolstoy, of St.Vladimir.

Turn from imaginary evils to real evils. Turn from false virtues to true virtues.

Study the views of Vladimir Putin, show their remarkable consistency and their insightfulness. Project and reflect his leadership in a multipolar world.

The concerns of Pope Francis.

In a multipolar world there are multiple winners. There is genuine peace, real respect.

In a unipolar world there is selective peace, selective justice, selective liberty.

The principle of fighting peacefully, deriving from Jesus and Tolstoy, of actively loving our enemy - may appear confusing and disarming - but they are confirmed by the experience of any master chess player - looking at everything from their point of view...

Karolis Žukauskas. Lietuvišką trolių fabriką...

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