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Envoys of St.Vladimir

Fighting Peacefully for Multipolar Dialogue in a Multipolar World

A Grassroots Contribution to a Putinist Manifesto

This is a request for guidance on how grassroots activists in the Russian Federation might best participate in dialogue with their friends but also enemies in other countries to foster a truly multipolar world.

The whole world has finally turned its attention to Ukraine. It does not understand the fighting there. The citizens of the world are all affected. Many are wondering how to listen, understand, and help as peacemakers to build trust as a basis for a multipolar world.

The world has a particular need to understand the people of Russia, to hear from thousands of individual Russians who could speak as our patriots, on behalf of our country, to their friends and acquaintances around the world, especially online. Indeed, millions of Russian patriots wish to show, heartfully and thoughtfully, in the most convincing and personal ways, their solidarity with our government, their love of our country, their understanding of a multipolar world.

The first condition, however, is that they must be sure that our leaders will not misunderstand them, will not consider them as traitors for creatively engaging those with opposing views, but will assure them that such dialogue is the basis for a multipolar world. One way to bring clarity is to appoint well known patriots, including scientists, scholars, cultural figures, athletes, journalists, innovators and entrepreneurs, to serve as hubs for coordinating, acknowledging and encouraging grassroots peacemakers. A second way is to indicate some general topics, themes and principles regarding which honest, bold, free discussion would be helpful, especially in furthering a multipolar world, where there naturally is a variety of views. A third way is to give approval of symbols that express solidarity with a multipolar world. A fourth way is to provide an overall coordinator who would provide strategic guidance. A fifth way is to publish a manifesto with which Russian activists could reach out to the widest part of the world, the unconvinced majority.

Would it be helpful to focus on the value of a multipolar world?

This is a value that our President Vladimir Putin articulates and which resonates around the world. But perhaps there is some other value which is more central.

Would it be acceptable for these grassroots peacemakers to identify themselves with "the envoys of St.Vladimir"?

St.Vladimir sent his envoys to discover what the world had to offer. When they returned, he chose the best from what they had learned, and he shaped the culture of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He started his life in war, as a pagan warrior, but he ended his life in peace, as a Christian saint. He intercedes in response to prayers by Eastern Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, Byzantine Rite Lutherans, and others of good will. As a saint, active today, he lives, knows, imagines and creates a multipolar world.

What are phrases by which our Russian patriots could show solidarity with their country, but also reach out to others, both friends and enemies, and encourage solidarity with a multipolar world?

For example: "Convert a world of enemies into a world of friends." "Tomorrow's saints were yesterday's villains." "Tomorrow's friends were yesterday's enemies." "Imagine and create a multipolar world."

What are symbols that our Russian patriots could use online to engage friends, convert enemies, and promote a multipolar world?

For example: 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦 or 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦❤️🇧🇾 or similarly, as relevant, the flag of Russia followed by the flag of Ukraine and possibly other flags, with or without hearts.

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