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2021.09.03 Currently, I am focusing on a straightforward presentation of my research program. Ultimately, I want to publish a Math 4 Wisdom Show that would communicate my ideas by all creative means possible. Below I am writing out thoughts for my first video, an introduction of my intentions for Math 4 Wisdom. I am thinking of doing a 3 minute version and a 20 minute version.


A: Why math? B: Math for wisdom

A: Why wisdom? B: Wisdom knows why.

A: Why why? B: Why why why?

A: Why-why-why-why-why-why-why!!!!!

(Propeller - made up of logo pieces - falls apart)

B: Never mind Why! Here's Math for Wisdom!

(Logo comes together)

(Show the symbols of the math to learn.)

Do you want to know everything? Do you want to apply that knowledge usefully? Well, how are you going to apply that? You need math, the study of structure. In particular, you need structure that expresses spirit. ...

Give an example - the three-cycle take-a-stand, follow-through, reflect - and the Jacobi identity.

Then run through all of the structures we'll cover.

Goals - including the goal of working together - how to go about that?

You can be God kicking back on your day of rest, you can be Jesus drawing pictures in the sand, you can be AI just gorging yourself, you can be ET checking out the seedlings.

This is an introductory video in a series of video lessons that will relate wisdom and math for the following reasons:


Are you confident that If you're not sure, then you need to have taken all of the graduate math courses that could possibly be available. You need to have read all of Wikipedia. Mostly the pages on math.

But in particular: category theory, ...

Now, of course, don't take me literally. When I say category theory, I just mean adjunctions and the Yoneda lemma.

You can pause and return when you've done that.

Let's quickly test you on the names of symbols. We'll group them in ways so that you can see where this is headed.

[Show four symbols at a time.]

I forgot to ask you, are you supremely good? absolutely bright? magnificently ambitious?

I should say Welcome to "Math 4 Wisdom". The way we great each other is that I say "Islam" and you say "Islamism".

Islam. Islamism.

Yes, this is supposed to be part of the Moorish Cultural Workshop. Brother David Ellison-Bey we're in spirit but not, you know, legitimate. We're the underground.

Overview all of math

What is the best way to get intuition?

Make a list of people

Pause: Poster: Wanted! Reward! (Dead or alive) with drawings of Caramello, Baez, Arnold, etc.

Where would you look for wisdom based on your review of math?

Student suggests .... suppose people are brilliant - Caramello, Arnold, Baez...

Never mind HoTT! Here's Math 4 Wisdom!

I suppose that is haphazard. And sends us into verbage. What would be holistic?

Students suggests What if we leveraged all that verbage. Think of mathematicians as termites building mounds through emergent behavior ... suppose mathematicians are dumb - emergent behavior

special project - topological data analysis - StackExchange

Never mind AI! Here's Math 4 Wisdom!

But could use statistics for making a map of human values and questions.

You need natural intelligence, preaxiomatic mathematics...

Euclid's triangle


Ways of figuring things out in math

...and in other subjects.

My goals for expressing my philosophy in terms of mathematics and for exploring mathematics with my philosophy.

Wait! ...there's more!

Special episode:

Special episode: collect examples of divisions of everything.

The twosome, threesome, foursome.

Threesome: Sesame street, Army, Roger Penrose, Charles Pierce (wrong answer - foursome)

Let's sing the Awesome Song! It starts out quiet because null means nothing. Nullsome, onesome, twosome, threesome, foursome, fivesome, sixsome, sevensome! Nullsome, onesome, twosome, threesome, foursome, fivesome, sixsome, sevensome! Nullsome, onesome, twosome, threesome, foursome - that's my state of mind - knowledge! Whether, what, how, why.


Jesus - communion - eating Jesus - dual causality - links and kinks

Orthogonal polynomials

Special episode - contact and relate Viennot, Kim and Zeng

Special episode - Wolfram automata

This section is PG - parental guidance suggested - Never mind PG, here's Math 4 Wisdom!

Wisdom has us learn to think not with words but with concepts. Consider Feynman diagrams.

What is your preferred adjective? Are you fine? thin? Not thin. You're fine with fine. Are you fineman? finewoman? What is your preferred noun? Worm? Fine worm.And how you call these ends, these holes? Orifices. OK so if we have one fine worm, then with an incoming orifice and an outgoing orifice and that's that. It gets interesting when we have an interaction. The law of quantum field theory is that we need four orifices for an interaction. How can two fine worms have one interaction? Exactly!

Fineman diagrams - Fineman, Finewoman, Finegirl, Fineboy, Finecat, Finedog - what is your preferred identity - worm - ok, fineworm - intersexual

Fineworm diagrams. Tube theory. (Made of straws). A fineworm has two orifices - incoming and outgoing. Four orifices make for an interaction.

A: Q says that you eat children.

Teacher: No children were eaten in the production of this video.

A: Eightsome, eightsome, eightsome!

C: Eightsome ? I ate some? No!!!!

Teacher: Total collapse of distinction. Total collapse of distinction. Say it like that. Say it fast. Total collapse of distinction.

D: Never mind Q! Here's Math for Wisdom!

Eightsome - duality - hemispheres - fish (quote from textbook) - neuroscientists are stupid? Don't be stupid, get math 4 wisdom.

Eat all the children vs. Not eat all the children

Distinction between conscious and unconscious - savings in the price of a sandwich. Think of all the money you saved! What could you do with that money? You could be a Patreon supporter at the sandwich level.

Quiz to distinguish a Feynman diagram and a Dynkin diagram: XX, XY, YY, XXY.

Could you be an Enlightener? An Encourager? A Patreon supporter?

Operating principles for Maslow's hierarchy of needs - basic math

Confucius says, Aristotle says, avoid extremes -

Quiz: If there are three percenters and five percenters, then what you should be?

  • Four percenter?
  • Given that its percent, which is a multiplicative concept, you would use not the arithmetic mean but the geometric mean. So be a ... percenter.
  • Be a 92 percenter. Correct.

Momma says about anybody: if they don't ever stop yapping, their bound to say something dreadiculous.

And for need of self-esteem, we choose the good over the bad, which is why we have to say that the Threepercenters are an alleged terrorist organization and their national leadership disbanded, whereas the Fivepercenters are champions of math education. And every time we make a decision like that it boosts our self-esteem.

Money received will pay for outreach to contributors and to others. And can get that without money but simply by putting in effort. "Money can bring us together - but you can't pay people to care." An Economy for Giving Everything Away. With David Ellison-Bey.

Discombobulate discombobulation. Inculcate inculcalculation.

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