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2021.06.02 In a few months, I hope to start producing videos presenting math for wisdom. Here I am writing out thoughts for my first video, an introduction of my intentions for Math 4 Wisdom. I am thinking of doing a 3 minute version and a 20 minute version.

Summary of goals

  • Address the shortage of materials for appreciating, contemplating, exploring advanced mathematical topics and especially, gaining a sense of the big picture.
    • A sort of guide for mountain climbers.
  • Show the usefulness of wisdom as a guide in making sense of mathematics and the relevance of various mathematical topics to expressing wisdom.
    • A bit like an alternative reality for wizards except its real - Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Harry Potter.
  • Show the reality of cognitive frameworks.
  • Way to engage those who might work together.
    • Find support and income to get by.

General idea of my philosophy

  • Relate the definite and the indefinite.
  • Math is most definite. So show how the indefinite relates.
  • For example, how axiomatic mathematics is inspired by nonaxiomatic premathematics.

General approach

  • Ways of figuring things out in math.

Goals for math

  • Overview all of math - the areas, concepts, questions, results...
  • Identify and appreciate the key concepts behind mathematics.
  • Understand and apply the nature of mathematical beauty.

Cognitive frameworks

  • Language of absolutes
  • ABC's - twosome, threesome, foursome

List examples of topics that I will explore and

  • Bott periodicity and the eight-cycle of divisions of everything.
  • SU(2) and transformations of mood.
  • 4 classical Lie families and 4 geometries.
  • Six visualizations and paradox.
  • Yoneda lemma and the foursome.
  • Sheffer polynomials, quantum physics and the fivesome.
  • Adjunctions and divisions of everything.
  • Grothendieck's six operations, the natural bases of the symmetric functions and the six representations.
  • Yates Index Theorem, the jump hierarchy and the foursome.
  • Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and the three-cycle.
  • {$F_1$} and God's going beyond himself.
  • Seven-eight kinds of duality.
  • Shu-Hong's equation and the sevensome.
  • Norman Anderson's theory and modeling thinking fast and slow.
  • Ways of figuring things out in other fields: neuroscience, chess, physics, biology, Jesus, Gaon of Vilna, my philosophy.

Goals for Math 4 Wisdom

  • Express my concepts in terms of math.
  • Show that my concepts are relevant and fruitful in math.
  • Present a language for
  • Foster a community.

Goals for wisdom

  • Main ways the indefinite is important.
  • Solve technical issues.
  • Relate different houses of knowledge.

Goals for language

  • Create a language for working together as a scientific community.
  • I look to math as a standard of truth for such expression, for such a language.

Goals for community

  • Support inclusive harmony of self-realization of all people - "meaningful inclusion".
  • Shared question, "How to love each other more"
  • Sharing life experiences, deepest values, investigatory questions, etc.
  • My personal goal is to express myself fully as I wish for others as well.
  • So I am expressing myself through arts and with examples from all of life.

Elementary examples

  • Amounts and units. Combine like units, list differing units. Type theory.
  • Comparing the price of a sandwich {$\frac{4}{3}\frac{2}{3}=\frac{8}{9}$} as illustrating that algebra is thinking step-by-step.
  • Trigonometry: Every rectangle is half a triangle.
  • Extending the domain.
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