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Data flow. Step 0: Framework Sources, Step 1: Framework Dump, Step 2: Framework Curation, Step 3: Framework Tables, Step 4: Framework Catalogue

Step 3: Framework Tables

Once entries have been prepared, it will be straightforward to enter them into tables. Andrius will design those tables and set them up here. There can actually be many small tables and they can be scattered over a variety of wiki pages. Andrius can write a script that can read these tables and propagate them into a single database which can be queried, yielding read only results that can link back to the entries in the wiki pages. From here, the information can go into a catalogue that relates it to Wondrous Wisdom.

Examples of Frameworks

artificially absolutized relative, universalization of a fundamental feature, limited absoluteSergi Avaliani
relative, absolute, pseudoabsoluteSergi Avaliani
notions, concepts, philosophical categoriesSergi Avaliani
phenomena, special essences, substanceSergi Avaliani
prescientific, scientific, philosophicalSergi Avaliani
constative, regulative, expressiveJürgen Habermas
project, area, resource, archiveknowledge management
variation, heredity, natural selection, fission, fusion, cooperationPeter Turney
variation, heredity, natural selectionevolution
bio-survival, emotional-territorial, time-binding semantic, social-sexual, neurosomatic, neuroelectric, neurogenetic, neuro-atomicTimothy Leary
hope, will, purpose, competence, fidelity, love, care, wisdomErik and Joan Erikson
missing the big picture by focusing on boundaries, underestimating differences between cases in the same category, overestimating differences between cases in different categoriesRobert Sapolsky
ideas, material culture, social structures, experiencesCJ Fearnley
broadly, deeplyCJ Fearnley
macro-comprehensive, micro-intensiveBuckminster Fuller
comprehensivityCJ Fearnley
gravity, radiationBuckminster Fuller
syntropy, entropyBuckminster Fuller
tension, compressionBuckminster Fuller
tuned-out, tuned-inBuckminster Fuller
mind, brainBuckminster Fuller
angle, frequencyBuckminster Fuller
spatial, temporal, psychological, phraseological, ideologicalSusan Sniader Lanser
spatial, temporal, psychological, phraseological, ideologicalBoris Uspenskij
singular, iterative, repetitive, multipleGérard Genette
intra-diegetic, extra-diegeticGérard Genette
beliefs, conclusions, assumptions, needs, experiencesDave Gray
value, policies, events, content, trustNigel Green, Carl Bate: information systems
Zeus, Poseidon, HadesGreek mythology
endoderm, mesoderm, ectodermdevelopmental biology
science, reason, intuition, imaginationIain McGilchrist
scalar motionDewey Larson
classifiers, controllersartificial intelligence applications
what is, what out to beDavid Hume
resemblence, contiguity, cause and effectDavid Hume
impressions, ideasDavid Hume
life, knowledge of good and evilGenesis
difference between God and individual souls, between God and matter, between individual souls, between individual souls and matter, between types of matterDvaita Vedanta
ultimate reality, dependent realityDvaita Vedanta
desire, will, deed, destinyBrihadaranyaka Upanishad
truth, opinionParmenides
unity of opposites, fluxHeraclitus
first principleAristotle
absolute, relativePeter Unger
provisional truth, ultimate truthBuddhism
emptinessMahāyāna Buddhism
image, sensation, perception, prejudice, discernmentBuddhism
Buddha, Dharma, SanghaBuddhism
set of all setsBertrand Russell
logical formLudwig Wittgenstein I
descriptionLudwig Wittgenstein II
substanceBaruch Spinoza
airAnaximenes of Miletus
waterThales of Miletus
unmoved moverAristotle
passive intellect, active intellectAristotle
khet, sah, ren, ba, ka, ib, shut, sekhem, akh, hrAncient Egypt
mind, body, spiritAncient Greece?
mental, physicalRené Descartes
relationships, statements, experiencesHoward Gardner
World 1, World 2, World 3Karl Popper
truth, rightness, truthfulnessJürgen Habermas
Theoretical Reason, Practical Reason, Aesthetic ReasonKant
truth, unity, beauty, goodnessThomas Aquinas
implicit learning, explicit learningpsychology
retention, protentionEdmund Husserl
primordialism, constructivism, instrumentalismethnic conflict theory
personal-autobiographical, factual-particular, abstract-universalHuxley
compare, contrastessay
conscious, preconscious, unconsciousFreud
logos, thymos, erosPlato
thermodynamic autonomy, persistence, endogenous activity, holistic integration, low‐level indeterminacy, multiple realisability, historicity, agent‐level normativityHenry Potter, Kevin Mitchell
excess, mean, deficiencyAristotle
nefesh, ru'ach, neshamahKabbalah
God in essence, God in manifestationKabbalah
literal, allusive, allegorical, mystical.Kabbalah
literal, moral, spiritualOrigen
literal, allegorical, tropological, anagogicalAugustine of Hippo
Peshat, Remez, Derash, SodMoses de León
external states, sensory states, internal states, active statesActive Inference
waking sleep, higher state of consciousnessGeorge Gurdjieff
self-remembering, self-observation, non-expression of negative emotionsGeorge Gurdjieff, Peter Ouspensky
Way of the Fakir (body), Way of the Monk (emotions), Way of the Yogi (mind), Fourth Way (harmony)George Gurdjieff, Peter Ouspensky
universal events within system, universal events outside system, universal events before system, universal events after system, the system's events, universe's events coinciding with system eventsR.Buckminster Fuller 400.011
synergetic, energeticR.Buckminster Fuller 326.02
metaphysical, physicalR.Buckminster Fuller 326.01
know-how, know-whatR.Buckminster Fuller 326.01
good, fast, cheapFrancis Ford Coppola
cost, scope, timeProject management
Congress, Bureaucracy, Interest GroupGordon Adams
Urizen, Tharmas, Luvah/Orc, Urthona/LosWilliam Blake
implicate order, explicate orderDavid Bohm
innocence, experienceWilliam Blake
tender-minded, tough-mindedWilliam James
bubbles, globes, foamsPeter Sloterdijk
physiological, safety, social, esteem, self-actualizationAbraham Maslow
faith, hope, loveSt.Paul
Father, Son, Holy SpiritChristianity 
deduction, induction, abductionCharles Sanders Peirce
legislative, executive, judicialMontesquieu
observe, orient, decide, actJohn Boyd
planning, action, fact findingKurt Lewin
plan, act, reflectUS Army National Training Center
unfreeze, change, refreezeKurt Lewin
energise, solidify, unify, transformYoshimi and Jon Brett


first person, second person, third persongrammar
first person, second person, third personnarration
priests, warriors, commonersGeorges Dumézil
material, formal, efficient, finalAristotle
symbolic, neural networkartificial intelligence
yin, yangChinese philosophy
id, ego, superegoSigmund Freud
father, mother, childR.Buckminster Fuller 1200.00
System 1, System 2Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky
apprehension, comprehensionIain McGilchrist
master, emissaryIain McGilchrist
whole-oriented, detail-orientedIain McGilchrist]]
icon, index, symbolCharles Sanders Peirce
Firstness, Secondness, ThirdnessCharles Sanders Peirce
McCoy, Spock, KirkStar Trek (Original Series)


We can also collect some nonexamples for exposition and possible reconsideration.

Typically these nonexamples are arbitrary, based on cultural happenstance, perhaps convenience and thus are not considered as evidence of inherent, intrinsic limits on the human imagination. These distinctions may perhaps be coded with meaning but of themselves it is not evident what that meaning must necessarily be. Often these "nonexamples" are physical (indeed, cultural interprations of the physical) rather than metaphysical.

North, South, East, West
egg, larva, pupa, adult
earth, fire, water, air
earth, fire, water, air, ether
fire, water, earth, metal, wood
electromagnetism, weak force, strong force, gravity
animal, vegetable, mineral
plant, animal, fungus
Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya
life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
left, right
up, down
length, width, height
sugar, spice
peanut butter, jelly
solid, liquid, gas
Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
hydrogen, helium, lithium...
winter, spring, summer, fall
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo...
Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat...
high tide, low tide
new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter
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