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Step 3: Framework Tables

Framework Catalogue

Three Minds

Note that unity can be added to beauty, good, truth as a zeroth base level on which the other three minds operate.

System 1System 2 Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky
FirstnessSecondnessThirdnessCharles Sanders Peirce
idsuperegoegoSigmund Freud
yinyang Chinese philosophy
neural networksymboliccombinedartificial intelligence
beautygoodtruthmedieval scholasticism
thesisantithesissynthesisGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
first personsecond personthird persongrammar
first personsecond personthird personnarration
comprehensionapprehension Iain McGilchrist
commonerswarriorspriestsGeorges Dumézil
whole-orienteddetail-oriented Iain McGilchrist
MasterEmissary Iain McGilchrist
motherfatherchildR.Buckminster Fuller 1200.00
femalemale gender stereotypes
right brainleft brainbasal gangliabrain science
McCoySpockKirkStar Trek (Original Series)


the signifiediconindexsymbolCharles Sanders Peirce
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