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See my video: 2022.09.22 Bring Peace to Russia and Ukraine

On this page I'm further working on peacemaking in Lithuanian and English.

Darbų sąrašas

When Raimundas joins the forum

  • Start a thread at The Online Philosophy Forum, see the thread Ukraine Crisis
  • Reach out to True Russia, Boris Akunin.
  • Develop, try out and promote an action that would show our approach and would help catalyze a global network of peacemakers.
  • Present our activity with a video.
  • Make a video of a relevant conversation.


Peace for Russia and Ukraine

  • Interview with Ru Dep FM Ryabkov by on what's going on with US-Russian arms control
  • In morality (extending grad-curl-div) the first lens is the gradient is the "deepest value" that we choose to understand everything by and that we expand in eternal growth as we transcend ourselves. (What you believe is what happens.)


Russian propaganda sources

  • iEarlGrey - Mike Jones - MOATS
  • George Galloway
  • Maria Zacharova
  • Tass
  • Russia Today

Alvydas Medalinskas būna Odesoje.

Tomas Šernas - susisiekti?

  • Viltis, tikėjimas, meilė. Meilė priešui, užuojauta jam - priešas nebebaisus.

Tolstoy Center. Nonviolence in Action: Methods and Approaches

War Resisters' International

Ruslan Kozaba

Užrašų puslapiai


Ukraina taikdarystė


Putin is in a corner and we need to provide an off-ramp for him. It feels like the time for diplomacy is fast arriving. There will be some horrible compromises that would have to be made But ultimately you need to find a way of ending this war Otherwise we end up with the grave risk that Putin's misadventure becomes a global catastrophe.

           Sky News Military Analyst Sean Bell, 2022.09.21


Be straightforward


Act step-by-step

  • Food agreement
  • Prisoner exchanges
  • Corridor between the two areas
  • Operating of nuclear plant
  • Sanctions increased

Be vulnerable

  • Peaceful demonstrations in Russian-occupied territories

Let them win

  • Ukraine not attacking Russia
  • Russia resigning from the UN Human Rights Council

Let them teach you

  • Following Russian media
  • Elon Musk poll

Stick to your principles

  • President Putin
  • President Zelenskyy
  • Peskov’s response was that Russian intelligence had always argued that Ukraine was behind the August killing of Darya Dugina so it was “positive” that the United States appeared to share that assessment.

Have something to share

  • Elon Musk providing satellite link for internet

Math 4 Wisdom is brought to you by Chess

the game where you consider your opponent's point of view

including how they consider your point of view

including how you consider their point of view

including how they consider your point of view...

Math Nightmares

I had a dream of Professor Anthony Zee...

Z or Not Z

Is there a third way?

Then I will make more videos

Northern Ireland: PEACE PLUS programme will support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland

Let them win

  • Musk's comments led to Lavrov encouraging such comments, widening dialogue.
  • Military sense - feign in Kherson
  • Drive to Kyiv but went back
  • Overextended, then they moderate, can win in the future
  • Vytautas Didysis atidavinėdavo žemaičius
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