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Outreach, Math

Mathematical Philosophy

Krzysztof, Wójtowicz. Bartłomiej, Skowron. A Metaphysical Foundation for Mathematical Philosophy.

Bartlomiej Skowron: The Practice of Mathematical Philosophers

  • Model construction (Williamson, Janeczko)
  • Construction of an intuitive model (Krol)
  • Logical interpretation (Wolniewicz)
  • Semantic paraphrase (Adjukiewicz)
  • Construction of formal and quasi-formal philosophical theories (Perzanowski)
  • Topological hermeneutics (Kaczmarek)
  • Analogisation, mapping of laws of quality (Bornstein)
  • Construction of the vehicle of scientific ideas, mathematical modelling (Thom)
  • Ontology log (Spivak)
  • Programme simulation (Wheeler)
  • Throwing the light (Skowron and Wojtowicz)
  • Background structure reconstruction (Kelly)
  • Art of thinking in qualities supported by homological data shape dynamics (topological data analysis)

Readings in Mathematical Philosophy

Walter Dean Philosophy of Math.

"Mathematics as a Love of Wisdom" by Colin McLarty

Nicholas Maxwell. Wisdom Mathematics.

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