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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
  • m a t h 4 w i s d o m @
  • g m a i l . c o m
  • +370 607 27 665
  • Eičiūnų km, Alytaus raj, Lithuania

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Research program


Big Picture: From Indefinite to Unimaginable

{$F_1$} - Division of everything into 0 perspectives

Spinor - Going beyond oneself into oneself

Perturbation - Intervention, intercession, miracle

Map of deepest values

Standard model - gauge theories - Indefinite / Definite / Imaginable / Unimaginable

Operations -1, +1, +2, +3 correspond to time (-1) and three dimensions of space (+1,+1,+1).

Gravity - r2 law - Yoneda lemma - Universality - Global quantum

  • Symmetry breaking from unstable symmetry - Higgs particle is the vibration that breaks the symmetry
  • Gaps and cracks - fixed points - deepest values
  • Walks on binary trees (labeled by the threesome)
  • might handle: renormalization, inflation, expansion (dark energy), dark matter, quantum computing
  • harmonization through prayer
  • after life through clarity of deepest value
  • configures like an avalanche or like a lightning bolt
  • orthogonal bases arise like order out of chaos
  • Maxwell's demon - Bible story - how physicists talk about the global quantum - that you run out of tape
  • Experiment connects global questions and local answers, it is highly contrived.

God's going beyond himself: {$F_1$}

The state of contradiction <=> God

The Field with One Element <=> God

Contradiction: Godel's Incompleteness Theorem

I would like to learn more what logic is all about, in practice. I have taken the mathematical logics course, am familiar with Goedel's theorems and have done graduate study in recursive function theory.

God's Dance: SU(2)

Rough draft

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