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Why is that rare today? What would it mean over a long true scale? Microscopic scale - maximum entriopy. Churning of microscopic scale. Edited away. Could artificially create it.

Every point on a tragedy is equivalent in a unitary environment.

Measurement is a set of linear functionals.

Scattering theory is real.

Solve for free space.

How stable the Dirac potential is to perturbation? Bound Dirac states.

Hydrogen atom.

The book "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai discusses the Dirac equation.

Unitary representation in quantum and classical. Quantum {$e^{-iht}$} from Hamiltonian. Hamiltonian flow.

Classical analogue: Von Neuman - Koopman equation. Ergodic theory. Unitary flow.

What is the relationship between the unitary flows in free space - simple V=0 and in non-free space V is not 0 ? And relate them to first order in time.

Hermite polynomial - creation and annihilation operator. Rodrigues.

Quantum is just a representation. Position and momentum commute - classical, do not commute - quantum.

Why do we only see the mathematical possible in quantum and classical?

Classical is extension of group representation for quantum. Quantum is compression of group representation for classical.

Why don't we observe macroscopic superpositions? Our mathematical models are too broad. If dynamical system has upper triangular representation, you can consider dynamics of smaller subspace. Everything lower the main diagonal: when you take powers upper part is affected by lower part but not vice versa. Causality. We can live in a small niche and not worry about effects from wider sources. Logic in quantum mechanics. Evolutionary pressure for that representation to be expressed in the actual physical world - everything else got selected away (involution - "salt is good"). What would be that evolutionary pressure? When events travel faster than the speed of light you can edit your past - your history disappears. Explain: delayed choice experiments. Wipe out nonconsistent time lines.


How does a term in x map out on the mother function?

Automata halts. Differentiation returns 0 which is read externally by the observer.

Two pyramids in sync - removing x and differentiation - they commute.

Time is local. There must be a periodic behavior that is within a certain radius as given by the speed of light.

Can there be a clock without oscillatory behavior?

Is a living cell a clock?

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