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Additional warnings

Warning! You may be at risk of dismissing these pages as science fiction, mental poetry, psychological symptoms, products of numerology, existential crises, adventures in mysticism, primordial forms, online art exhibits, symbolic hallucinations, metaphysical truths, evolutionary mechanisms, academic deviations, signs of artificial intelligence, reinterpretations of Grothendieck, cognitive frameworks, humorless humors, religious meditations, social provocations, scientific prophecies, palpitations of the Spirit, random coincidences, divine interventions, alien wizardry, a labor of love, call for revolution, azimuth of pretension, fruit of genius, universal language, absolute wisdom, knowledge of everything...

The Increasingly Fine Print

The more you read, the more you may get confused...

The more you read, the more you may get confused...

The more you read, the more you may get confused...

Why Not Just Stick to Math?

Math here serves to present wisdom, more so than the other way around.

We are free to invest math with so much meaning or with scarcely any at all. So Andrius, the author, wants to convey to you and all the human cost of this endeavor, the flesh and blood that journeys in this abstract world. Any art or poetry or humor, any whim or digression, any sigh or exultation, any shaking of the head or extending of the hand may speak to you, inspire you, welcome you, so please God. Certainly, it is a tremendous release from the effort of resisting the world, the work of uplifting humanity, the labor of redirecting civilization. Wonderfully, it is a freeing of the Spirit of self learning, playing with the myriad toys of the unconscious, acknowledging the marvels of personality.

Are There Any Parables?

Andrius Kulikauskas, the author of this website, is trying to express himself directly, as befits his ignorance. If he had any fear that he might take away your freedom, then he would speak to you in parables so that you could be free to not understand, be free to be damned, as you please.

Math is parable enough!

Let us try to understand it.

You Retain Your Freedom

By proceeding further, you may or may not acknowledge you may or may not have read what you may or may not have understood.

Proceed regardless

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