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Wondrous Wisdom

Andrius: I am collecting explanations to clarify what I mean by what I variously word as "cognitive framework", "conceptual framework", "cognitive framework", "metaphysical framework".

A fundamental kind of conceptual structure is the "division of everything" into perspectives.

What is Conceptual Structure?

Defining the most primitive concepts in terms of their relationships with each other

Describing in terms of mental shifts from one perspective to another.

A complete set of concepts

Classifying contexts

A division of everything is a basic, primitive, fundamental context for mental shifts. It is a building block for contexts, a layer of context.

Describing what is a concept.

Freezing the mind from undergoing reflection

Compare with quantum matter (temperature-zero phase of matter).

Studying shifts in perspective

Refining a perspective

Given a perspective, how can we refine it further, and in that sense, shift the perspective. For example, when "opposites coexist", they are unrelated, but if we refine that further, they may become related, with their relationship making them understandable in a unified way. In this manner, a division of everything can be a chain of refinements, much as with a chain complex.

The result of thinking ever more deeply

Example: Studying SAT analogies. What kind of analogies are there? How do analogies relate to adjunctions?

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