Jere Northrop and Andrius Kulikauskas lead this Math 4 Wisdom study group

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Andrius: Jere and I are working on a project to help individuals adopt TimberFish Technology but also foster our thinking in terms of a language of wisdom. I like the name "econet" for a network of individuals around the world who are helping each other as they adopt ecological practices.

Jere has acquired the website

I am practicing here with an Econet subwiki.


Who is already organizing something similar?

Who is collecting and sharing ecological practices?

Who is organizing ecological practitioners?

Relevance for Languages of Wisdom

Analysis of ecological practices can inform a language of argumentation, how things come to matter, which would clarify the logic of ecological living, which is generally baffling.

Our Underlying Interest

Jere's interests include:

  • Adoption of ecotechnology
  • Eradication of detrimental inequality
  • Communicating a new way of thinking as an alternative to the thinking that yielded our inequality

Andrius would like to:

  • Develop a new language of ethical analysis by which an individual can take action to adopt ecological practices and address inequality
  • Show where that language inherently applies the principles of ecotechnology, such as being cognizant and focusing on local solutions


Ryan Alange has agreed to be our first econaut (like an astronaut for the ecology).

Thinking through the logic

  • Describing the vantage point (such as every human being, starting with those around us - "love your neighbor") that we want to identify with and develop the moral, logical, practical consequences.

Where the logic may lead

  • Ethically and legally grounding the broad use of Public Domain.
  • Establishing a tax on Artificial Intelligence that would contribute to Universal Basic Income globally.

Organizing a website

ecolife . network

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