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Andrius: Here is a page where I am organizing my understanding of concepts related to John Harland's research program.

Agency Hierarchy

  • Collapse of the wave function is extradynamical. Does Bott periodicity give an eight-cycle of extradynamical contexts, expressing an agency hierarchy?
  • Kevin Mitchell. Free Agents.
  • Henry Potter, Kevin Mitchell. Naturalising Agent Causation Eight levels of agency.
    • order (1) thermodynamic autonomy
    • existence (2) persistence
    • participation (3) endogenous activity
    • knowledge (4) holistic integration
    • decision making (5) low‐level indeterminacy
    • morality (6) multiple realisability
    • logic (7) historicity
    • God (8) agent‐level normativity

Various thoughts

Agency is thermodynamical, structured as Yes or No questions, opening or closing a valve.

Caratheodory theory of quantum mechanics. Adiabatic. Constant entropy surface with nearby points that are not accessible.

In quantum mechanics, connecting measurement (probablistic aspect) and the dynamical part.

How are adjoint operators and self-adjoint operators related to adjunctions?

Measurement establishes a basis, lays down a coordinate system. Prior to measurement we don't need to have a basis.

Phase gives freedom for choice of a basis, allowing for properties like unitary and antiunitary.

Relativistic invariance.

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